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3D CreatorCraft is a 3D resourcepack for Minecraft 1.9 and above (1.9-1.12). 

In the resourcepack many blocks have 3D addons, which make them seem more naturalistic. For example cobblestone: its texture has a structure that allows you to add more polygons to it. Whereas dirt does not have it. So cobblestone has a changed 3D model with more detail in it, whereas dirt has a flat 3D model. 

Every item in the resourcepack has its own 3D model. Through this the game gets a far more intensive experience. 

The textures for the blocks and items are made in the default style, but are much more smoother and look like they have a higher resolution, although they have the same resolution as the Default resourcepack (16x16). 

The resourcepack tries to make a balance between 3D models and details and a nice and smooth performance. 

Of course the resourcepack is not already perfect. That is why there will be plenty of updates, that will improve the resourcepack even more.

And if you have any suggestions or find a bug, please let me know. Maybe your idea also finds a place in this resourcepack. :D 



Addons are experimental features that are not in the main pack due to suffering performance or other aspects... 

3D Seasons

3D Seasons adds Seasons to your Minecraft world. This Addon was made for 3D CreatorCraft. You can check it out HERE.

3D Leaves

Click the banner to download the Addon.


This Addon is also compatible with the 3D Seasons Addon...


Note: The main pack (CreatorCraft) must be used... Otherwise the Addon won't work. 

How to use the Addon


Here you can see a possible combination of Addons.



  1. 3D CreatorCraft must be at the bottom.
  2. The 3D Leaves Addon must be at the top.

Explaining the different Versions

3D CreatorCraft Ultra

This Version has all features, that 3D CreatorCraft can offer. You will need it a good PC to run this version without lags and it depends on the world size.

3D CreatorCraft High

This Version is more performance friendly. All items are 3D, but some blocks have less 3D Addons like Sandstone, Cobblestone or Bricks.

Download 3D CreatorCraft

3D CreatorCraft - Downloads    
Versions Minecraft - Version Date
3D CreatorCraft High by creatorLabs - V1.0.2.7 | Mirror 1.9-1.12 04-08-2018
3D CreatorCraft Ultra by creatorLabs - V1.0.2.7 | Mirror 1.9-1.12 04-08-2018
3D Leaves Addon V1.0.1.1 by creatorLabs 1.9-1.12 02-02-2018



If you have any performance issues or you just want a better performance, maybe these tips can help you. 

When using Optifine, you should definitely turn off dynamic lights. (options > video settings > dynamic lights: off) 

The problem is that, it can get very laggy when your Computer needs to process how a big model needs to be lit. 

If you use Optifine and you see any texture bugs, it might help when you turn off connected textures. (options > video settings > quality > connected textures: off). 

You see light bugs, when you you are using shaders? Shaders are not really recommended to use with this resourcepack. Many shaders can not handle 3D models. And it can get very laggy. 

If you have other problems, please let me know in the comments. :o

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